Paint & Bodywork

Provided by Deluxe Auto Werks, West Chicago, Illinois - 2017
The 1994 Chevy Indy Pickup at Deluxe Auto Werks for inspection, assessment and an estimate on paint and bodywork. Research revealed that the side decals were no longer available, so we agreed on a simple two-tone approach.
Beginning stages of prepping each body part and panel.
The hood and many of the body panels were taken down to bare metal.
Passenger side metal prep and body sanding.
Driver side metal prep and body sanding.
Driver side in primer.
Passenger side in primer.
Front grill in primer.
Tailgate in primer.
After all the body and primer work was completed, the body black base coats were applied, followed by clear coats.
The tailgate in final paint and buffing. I was so appreciative of Scott’s suggestion to carry the white line around the tailgate as well. A small detail that made a big difference.
The front bumper in final paint and buffing.
Final clear coat finish sanding.
The mirrors, handles and other parts being prepared.
The front grill being reassembled after paint.
After the clear coat was finish sanded, the final buffing took place.
First night photo of the finished paint job!
The folding Peragon bed cover was also painted to match. Here the panels are being assembled in my living room.
The matching Peragon bed cover fully assembled and installed.
Finished Project!