My Engine Journey

This section records my journey with the engine in my 1993 Chevy C1500 Indy Pace Truck. When I purchased it, it had the original 350 V8 in it. However, it had been modified with an aftermarket Whipple Supercharger system. This system was designed to use the stock TBI and all of the stock componants, but simply insert the charger between the TBI and the manifold.

It ran okay, but it required additional maintenance and was tricky starting, and just not very reliable in all temperatures and weather conditions. Then, my coolant levels started dropping and after discussion with my mechanic, we conformed that there was an internal; gasket leak so that the engine was burning coolant. At least the top end of the engine would need to be removed and rebuilt with new gaskets.

So, in light of the costs of fixing this issue, I started exploring other options. I eventually narrowed the options down to either a replacement 350 V8 from Chevrolet Performance, or an upgraded 383 Stroker from Blueprint Engines. The following pages document my decision to go with the Blueprint Engines 383 Stroker and the journey that followed.

Before heading into the rest of my story, you might want to watch this video that shows how the engine I put in my truck was manufactured. It’s pretty interesting.