Blueprint Engines "383 Stroker" (BP38302CT) Engine

Updates on issues faced during 2019

November-December 2019 Updates

I’ve driven this truck with the Blueprint Engines 383 stroker engine now for almost 2 years. It’s been so-so, but not delivered the performance I had expected. The main issues seem to be related to the stock GM TBI and ignition ECU system. This intake system is really hard to fine-tune. The engine will intermittently ping on acceleration. It’s hard to say if it is related to temperature, fuel, timing, etc. So, I contacted Blueprint Engines technical/warranty support about these issues to see what could be done to improve things and get the engine performing as it should.


Things I’ve Done

  • Reset the base timing by removing the connection to the ECU, and rotating the distributor so the timing is set 0 degrees TDC, at idle.
  • This base timing reset improved the idle and low-end power, but introduced an increased pinging at higher RPM’s.
  • I also checked the maximum advance by connecting a timing light and increasing the engine RPM’s to 3500, and reading the degrees advanced. This was later verified using the Live Data tool below. All of this was shared with Blueprint Engines.
  • I purchased and installed a new engine knock sensor, verifying that it is in place and connected (AC Delco 10456288) per Blueprint Engines request.

Resetting the base timing

1320 Electronics “ALDL Bluetooth Code Reader/ Scanner / Adapter” with Android ALDL App.

Installing new EGR components

Additional Things Done

After further communications with the Blueprint Engines Warranty Department, I made additional adjustments and changes:

    • Purchased and installed a new EGR valve (ACDelco 214-5073)
    • Purchased and installed a new EGR Solenoid (NAPA Proformer 3-19226)
    • Installed new vacuum hoses to the EGR sytem
    • Because Blueprint Warrant wanted “live data” I purchased the 12-Pin ALDL OBD1 Bluetooth / Code Reader/ Scanner / Adapter (
    • Downloaded and installed the ALDL Android app
    • Ran the Live Data diagnostics using this tool (see screens below)
    • Sent Blueprint Engines Warranty Depatment screen grabs of the engine live data at various points of time and RPM levels as requested (see below)
    • Sent Blueprint Engines Warranty Deprtment descriptions of how the engine runs after the EGR system was updated per their request. Basically it decreased the “pinging” issue, but introduced a significant new problem of serious hesitation on throttle application and acceleration.
    • Received cryptic responses from Blueprint Engines Warranty Department about what my description of the new problem and the data (they requested) means. One email suggested that I purchased the wrong EGR valve (that it was “aftermarket” – not tue – and that it was opening too soon), with the wrong orifice size. Nowhere in their documentation or in communications have they supplied what the correct EGR valve is for their engine in my application – leaving me as the customer to guess.

December 7, 2019

Since I have received NO RESPONSE from the Blueprint Engines Warranty Department (File 83735) from my emails or voicemails, I have no other option but to continue experimenting on my own. I went ahead and purchased a different EGR valve from a different supplier (Autozone) to see if it made any difference. The “orifice” end of the EGR valve is different. The orifice I.D. is smaller than the previous one. I went ahead and ran the ALDL software in “Live Data” mode today and took screenshots at 675 RPM and 3,675 RPM – see below.

  • No check engine lights or error codes
  • EGR is opening and closing like the previous one
  • The engine still pings

The ALDL software allows me to download the live data to my phone in .csv format and I have those files as well. However, with no communication from Blueprint Engines Warranty Department, I don’t know if those files would help them diagnose the problem or not.

December 9, 2019

Today I received a response from Blueprint Engines Warranty Department after waiting for a response since December 2nd (one week). Instead of supplying the information I need, they basically said the same thing over using different words… that I needed a different EGR Valve than the stock one for my truck. However, they do not supply a part number, a source or anything to go on in order for me to get the right EGR valve! This is so frustrating because when I bought the engine, they supplied all kinds of details, sources, and information about what motor oil to use, what spark plugs, what gap, what harmonic balancer, exhausts, torque converter, etc. I do not understand how or why they can do business this way!

December 31, 2019

As we close out this decade, I still do not have a correctly running engine. The latest developments have been that Blueprint Engines decided to have a new computer PROM chip burned for me as they don’t have a record of sending me the correct one in the first place! However, their vendor (Westers) sent the chip to my old address in Illinois instead of my new Wisconsin address (which is in every email I send to them). I was told today that the vendor (Westers) was supposed to burn me another PROM chip and send it… but I have yet to receive anything.