Blueprint Engines "383 Stroker" (BP38302CT) Engine

Custom Exhaust System

The 1993 C1500 arrives at The Exhaust Works, in Montgomery, Illinois on March 9, 2018 for installing a custom stainless steel dual exhaust system.

Many thanks to Ralph at Exhaust Works for his design and expertise in building this exhaust system. The system started with Flowtech “shorty” headers from Summit Racing that use 1-5/8″ tubes into 3″ collectors (see photo above). I selected these headers based on the information provided by Blueprint Engines about how they set up their engine for dyno testing. Ralph picked up the exhaust system from the 3″ collectors, and built a new custom stainless steel system all the way back. It includes the legally required cats as well.

The single stainless steel Magnaflow exhaust muffler features (2) 3″ inputs and (2) 2.5″ outputs. We used this becuase of the limited space under the chassis. As many know, Magnaflow mufflers produces a very nice, low, and balanced exhaust note!

The Exhaust Works shop is clean, organized and uses top line equipment! Ralph built the entire system with the truck up on a very nice, impressive hoist! 

Here are a series of photos taken from underneath the chassis, and pieced together, showing the sections and components of the custom exhaust system.

On March 10, 2018, after the truck was back at the mechanic’s shop with a new exhaust system, we had to figure out how to get the temp sensor working. After a few runs to the hardware store for the right brass fittings, we got that issue sorted. Also, we checked the fluid levels and watched for any leaks. Everything looked good! All that was left wass to put the hood back on!

Ahhh, the hood is back on! Ready to roll!

A later photo of the engine bay with K&N cold air intake and high-output alternator taken on April 17, 2019.