Suspension Upgrades

As stated elsewhere on this site, this OBS 1993 Chevy C1500 Indy Pace Truck had suspension mods made to it before I purchased it. It had been lowered probably with a 4/6 C-notch drop kit from some third-party source. Since then, I have made the following changes and upgrades.


The OEM front 1.25″ anti-sway bar was removed and replaced with a RideTech 1.5″ Musclebar.


The dropped coil springs that were on the truck lowered it too low for my taste. I was always hitting speed bumps and other raised items on the road. So I swapped them for the 2″ drop coil springs from LMC Truck (37-8518) which have worked very nicely!


I’ve replaced the shock all the way around with Belltech Street Performance shocks. These are also working very well for me.


Based on the radical performance results of the RideTech front anti-sway bar, and because RideTech does not make a rear kit for this truck, I added a rear anti-sway bar by Belltech. This has really improved the f=cornering and tracking of the truck combined with the front bar!