Dakota Digital CRS-3000 Cruise Control Module Integration

Will it work with an MSD Atomic TCM 2760?

This page describes the journey in trying to add cruise control back into the 1993 Chevy C1500 Indy Pace Truck after the OEM ECM control module has been removed, and the engine and trans is now controlled by aftermarket Holley products. The 4L60E is now controlled by the MSD Atomic Transmission Control Module #2760. The aftermarket cruise control is the Dakota Digital CRS-3000 kit.

My journey started in December 2021 when I contacted Dakota Digital tech support for information on their product and if it would work in my custom application. After determining that it should, I purchased the kit from Summit Racing. I started the installation process in mid-December 2021.

Mounting the CRS module was fairly straightforward. I chose to mount it on the firewall, very close to where the OEM module was mounted. The cable they supplied seemed to be an okay length. I had to do a little fabrication to mount their cable to the throttle cable bracket on my existing Holley Sniper EFI unit.


CRS Mounted on Firewall


CRS cable linkage to Holley EFI


Dakota Digital HND-2 Cruise Controller switch mounted to dash

Wiring and Connections

Dakota Digital provides pretty extensive written instructions for wiring and connecting their CRS-3000 to an existing wiring harness. In my case, because I no longer have an original OEM harness due to the changes made in the conversion of the Holley Sniper EFI and Atomic TCM, I needed some additional tech support and clarification from them. I was connected to Tim Jorgenson (TJ) at Dakota Digital and he provided many answers and helped troubleshoot my application.


We determined that I should use a 5-pin relay to connect the brake switch to the CRS-300


The CRS-3000 came with color-coded wires and instructions on where each should be connected.


Once the wires were connected, there are a series of dip switches that configure the calibration of the CRS-3000 to my application.

Current Status – February 2022

I have been able to get the CRS-3000 module to go into “diagnostic” mode, which means the wiring should be correct. The diagnostic mode allows for troubleshooting the setup of the dip switches and controls.

Even though the dip switches appear to be set correctly, and the wiring done, I have not been able to get the cruise control to kick in and work. The current suspect is the VSS (speed out) out signal from the Atomic TCM. According to the MSD manual, the tan Pin 6 wire out of the TCM is the “speed” signal at 12v square wave, 20,000 pulses per mile. The manual also states that the VSS Pulse Per Rev should be set to 40 for GM transmissions.

cracked 4l603 drum

The VSS setting is located in the Advanced Setup of the TCM

4l603 drum

The correct setting for a GM transmission is 40. Previously this had been set at 35.

4l603 drum

Final Assessment

I was never able to get the CRS-3000 to work. The electronic part seemed to pass the tests, but the actual cable linkage to control the throttle never worked. I gave up, and do not recommend this as a viable option for this specific setup.